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30 Best Business Ideas to start on Instagram

Written by
Anisa Himly
Published on
February 1, 2024

Eager to start a business on Instagram? But don't know where to start? I've got you covered. In this article, I have compiled a list of the 30 best business ideas to start on Instagram. 

This list will show you that there are many different types of businesses you can start on the social platform.

One of the first things you should do when starting a business is to come- up with a list of potential ideas. If you are not sure what type of business would be the best for your needs, or if you don't have an idea at all keep scrolling to find out more.

1. Social Media Services

Have a knack for creating great content online? Create a business profile on Instagram and showcase your services.

Look at Gary Vaynerchuk. With his unique content, he developed a massive social media presence and now makes millions offering social media marketing services from his company VaynerMedia.

Vaynermedia Instagram Page

2. Graphic Design Services

One of the business ideas to start on Instagram for designers is to use Instagram as a portfolio to build and showcase your designs. You can display your logos, business cards, flyers, posters, and other marketing materials.

Clients can easily see your work and contact you directly for more information. You can make money by selling your design services.

Logoinspiration Instagram page

3. Real Estate Agent/Car Dealer

A terrific way to show off what's for sale. Whether you're a real estate agent, car dealer, or anything similar.  

Instagram marketing allows you to reach hundreds of potential buyers locally and globally more than ever before. You could post stunning images/video tours.

Kevin Vaughn

4. Sell Digital Products

You may share your offerings to your potential customers by selling digital products such as courses, online training, eBooks, podcasts, software, digital art, and many more.

 You can promote them using quotes, short tutorials, audio clips on your Instagram feed.


5. Hands-Crafted Goods / DIY

If you have a natural artistic talent for creating something out of anything then you can try selling some of your own work. Show off your handmade products such as paintings, custom jewelry, sculptures, knitted, crocheted pieces, or perhaps a DIY eco-friendly product.

As you gain a following through your interesting posts, advertisers will be more likely to send you affiliate links.

Threadthewick Instagram page

6. Video Editing Services

Video is one of the most rising forms of content now. With Tik Tok dominating and now Instagram Reels following along, you need to create viral and captivating video content to stand out.

Instagram Reels are currently gaining a lot of engagement and are an excellent addition to any effective social media campaign. By posting your creative video editing skills other businesses will most likely reach out to you to work on their products or services. 

Itsdavidblaker Instagram page

7. Meme Creator

That's right you read it. Something as simple as creating memes can actually be a creative side hustle. People love humor and follow pages that post hilarious and relatable memes.

After you've built up a significant following, you can begin monetizing your page through affiliate and influencer marketing strategies.

Epicfunnypage Instagram

8. Personal Trainer / Fitness Coach

With the pandemic causing many people to exercise from home, many look for videos they can follow online.

You can grow your business as a fitness coach/trainer by posting videos of your training sessions, sharing tips on eating healthy, quick workout videos, and offering your online workout sessions.

Chloe Ting IG

9. Photographer

Instagram is a visual-centric social media platform. It used to be all about photos, though not so heavily now it still is one of the main aspects.

You don't need a very high-tech camera to get you started. If you have a good enough camera on your phone you can use some editing tools and give it a quality look. 

When it comes to the photography industry, there are numerous paths you can take such as social media photography, product photography, event photography, portrait photography, stock photography, and wedding photography.

Simone Bramante IG Page

10. Event Planner

As an event planner, provide more in-depth services while using Instagram to promote your work and engage with potential clients.

If you have experience organizing events like concerts, shows, meetings, exhibitions, awareness programs, planning a wedding, etc... You can post pictures/videos to showcase your work. BTS and real-time posts will capture your audience's attention.

Bashplease page

11. Influencer

If you are not shy around the camera and would like to use the platform to voice your opinions, actively participate on topics, jump on trends, have a knack for attracting people's attention, and convincing them to follow you because of your popularity. Then this could be an excellent business opportunity.

Shoutouts and promotions collaborated with brands or companies are the main sources of income for Instagram influencers. They might also profit by promoting affiliate products to their followers and earning a commission on each transaction. 

Khaby Lame

12. Baker

Time to make a side hustle or living with one of the best business ideas to start on Instagram to generate a good income. Make the most of your baking skills by promoting your work on Instagram. 

Share with followers some videos of the baking process. Try out new decorations, flavors, and ingredients. This will generate more curiosity, which will lead to customer orders. They will be able to order straight from you if you include your contact information in your bio.

Stylesweetdaily IG

13. Lettering Service

If you have good penmanship, you can also provide custom lettering or calligraphy services. You can cater to businesses or people who wish to personalize items such as signs or wedding invitations. 

Show off your work to get more paying customers. 

November letters

14. Product/Service Reviewer

People with a large active following and a well-defined niche are better suited. You can become a product/service reviewer on Instagram if you enjoy trying out new products or technology.

Reviewers share their honest reviews after using a product or service. The reviews may be in the form of a video, a series of photos with subtitles, or an Instagram story. Linking to an affiliate product for each product evaluated is how you can make money. 


15. Instagram Manager

With so many business owners using Instagram to grow their businesses, it's only about time that they'd seek expert assistance, which is where you come in. 

They'll require a steady supply of interesting and high-quality content. Working as an Instagram manager could be a great fit for you if you're good at coming up with great content ideas to gain more business. You'll basically be providing services to manage an Instagram account for a person or a company.

Bashimedia Instagram Page

16. Pre-loved Selling

No matter how many clothes we own we still don't have quite enough. But in reality, half of them are either worn only once/twice or even none at all. So why not make some money selling them at least at half price?

It's a sustainable lifestyle as well. Collect gently worn clothing, shoes, household items, and other items that are still in good condition. Use Instagram as a platform where you can post vintage or second hand goods to sell. And then let buyers submit bids if they want to buy it.

Op shop to runway

17. Dropshipping

Another popular option for business ideas to start on Instagram is dropshipping. Sell products on your page without keeping an inventory. 

No stock is kept until an order is received, so there are no upfront inventory costs. It is a key advantage. You can advertise the products on Instagram. When a customer purchases an item from your e-commerce page, the order is then directly forwarded to your manufacturer, who will package and send the item.


18. Travel Bogger

Out of the many business ideas to start on Instagram this is one is the most exciting! If you travel the world and share your experiences through blogging, this could be the one for you. Post picturesque views and videos of beautiful locations.

By sharing your adventures as well as some important travel tips and pieces of advice with your followers, you can work with travel brands such as airlines and hotels. Make money while traveling by becoming an Instagram travel ambassador.


19. Pet Personality

Have you seen hashtags like dogstagram and catlovers? People love their pets. If you are a pet lover and have pets of your own, you can share funny images/videos or even some routines.

Companies in the pet care industry will be ready to collaborate with you to advertise their goods if you have a large enough following.

Jiff Pom

20. Print on Demand

You may market your line of products if you want to be creative or customize according to your customer's requirements and sell some of them using Instagram.

You can create designs on mugs, t-shirts, hoodies, phone cases, boards much more. 

Counterprintbooks IG

21. Make-Up/Hair/ Personal Stylist

This is a good fashion niche. Showcase your many talents by posting images and videos of hairstyles, make-up, dressings, and fashion statements of your clients.

Use your timeline to show off your sense of style while also informing potential clients of your availability as a stylist. More people will reach out to you when they know you are the ideal match for them.

Erin Walsh

22. Business Coach

Use Instagram to provide business advice and consulting services for a fee to businesses and entrepreneurs in need. Help people achieve the goals they want to reach through your services.

You can use the platform to share your expertise, gain more credibility and followers, and, as a result, gain more clients.

Mary Prabashi Instagram Profile

23. Life Coach

Offer life coaching services. You can utilize the posts and updates to provide life tips and advice, and then use the Instagram live feature/reels to provide more detailed information.

As a coach, you can leverage the power of social media in the service of growing your business or your personal brand.

Mel Robbins

24. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great method to make money with your Instagram business account. You can use Instagram to make posts or stories about things you enjoy and use. After that, you can post those links in your Instagram bio or through Instagram's shopping feature.

Earn a commission on each sale by sharing affiliate links to certain items or services. To get started, simply join an affiliate program and obtain an affiliate link to start promoting.

Erica Ligenza

25. Food

If you are a food enthusiast and have some culinary skills start earning by taking orders for your dishes. You can share photos of the food and snacks you've prepared. Come up with a menu so you can start taking pre-order for events, daily deliveries, or offer catering services.

People love the essence of home-cooked meals. If your dishes stand out more people are likely to share on their feed and stories with a recommendation. 

Kampers Kitchen

26. Artist

Because of the visually appealing nature of Instagram, it is the ideal place to launch your business. If you're an illustrator, sketch artist, potter, ceramicist, portraitist, painter, or clay artist, or if you work in any other artistic medium. 

Post images of your arts and illustrations. Companies who are looking to get their interiors designed with artistic elements might reach out to you.

DailyArt Instagram

27. Tutoring

As a tutor, you can share your knowledge on specific subjects and offer classes to those who would like to learn more and help them in those areas. You can post tutorials and short lessons on your Instagram page. 

Tutoring Club

28. Copywriting Services

Copy-writing is a popular job on the internet. Create a profile as a business and follow lots of businesses and people. Get inspired by how they use the platform. Then work out what would be the best way to use the platform to your advantage.

Examples of copy-writing jobs include copy-writing for popular accounts that sell products, such as clothing brands. You might also be able to write copy for smaller businesses and niche market Instagram accounts.

Copy Posse

29. Animator

If you are good at creating animations and special effects, post your work and promote it on your Instagram feed. Different brands and companies will reach out to you for your services.

Tom Bancroft

30. E-Commerce Store

Buying and selling online has evolved so much. It is not necessary to have a physical store to get you started on selling your goods. 

Set up an Instagram shop by creating an Instagram business account. Upload your product photos with prices and relevant captions. Start promoting to reach out to your target audience.



One of the easiest ways to think of some business ideas to start on Instagram is to discover your interests, hobbies, or passion and capitalize on them. 

Create content and give value that is catered more towards your audiences. Doing what you love and also making money out of it, now isn't that what we all want?

Have more ideas that you can add to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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