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Reasons why your content marketing isn't working

Written by
Anisa Himly
Published on
October 19, 2022

Content marketing has been around long enough that it should be working, right?

Marketing and PR professionals have been relying on content creation and distribution as the primary means of attracting new customers and generating interest in their products or services.

But some aren’t seeing results, or they aren’t meeting expectations that have been set by the competition or industry standards, or both. What’s going on? What can you do to fix it?

Let’s take a look at some reasons why your content marketing isn’t working so you can learn how to make the necessary changes to your strategy.


Posting one or two articles and expecting people to take you seriously is not going to get you far.

Content is worthless if it’s not consistent. People have short attention spans and will forget about you in no time at all, so it’s important that you provide them with something worthwhile on a regular basis.

Don’t be afraid to roll out new material; updating your readers every once in a while keeps them interested and coming back for more.

It’s not enough to put up new posts every few months; schedule out posts over the course of several weeks, so you always have something fresh for interested parties to see when they visit your website or social media channels. Keep ‘em engaged!

Tip: Make use of some content planning tools to help you get organized.

You Haven’t Connected with Your Audience

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No matter how amazing your content is, if your audience is uninterested, then you’re probably not hitting the right mark.

Most content marketing doesn't work because marketers don't understand their audience. It's hard to reach a target audience when you don't know who they are, what they want, or what they need.

Connecting with your audience is an important step to successful content marketing.

Send out surveys, and questionnaires, and conduct interviews to really dive down.

Social media platforms may also be used to discover more about the difficulties your audience is facing. Once you have this knowledge, you can start to focus on developing content that offers answers to these issues.

Tip: Use different ways to increase your increase social media engagement.

No proper strategy

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The tactics and practices of content marketing are changing quickly, which means that even if you’re very good, it’s hard to keep up.

A strategy is essential—with one goal in mind, your company will have more focus and can decide where its priorities lie.

With a clearly defined strategy, you can set and reach goals with any campaign. Without one? You may spend money on something that doesn’t move the needle for your business or website.

Tie your content to what people want: If we aren’t offering our target audience value when they read our articles, why should they read them at all?

We want them to come back again and again because they recognize that each piece we publish is valuable, helpful, interesting and/or entertaining.

Tip: If you’re still having a hard time perhaps you need to consider hiring a social media manager.

You’re not promoting your content

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The only way to promote your content is to get more people to see it. And to get more people to see it you need to find where they are and place yourself in front of them.

Most importantly the right target audience.

You can’t only post on one platform and expect it to show up on all the other places. You need to start promoting your content if you want to see your content marketing efforts make a difference.

Websites, blogs, and social media are some of the platforms you can take advantage of.

Tip: Know the different types of content available out there and make use of them as much as possible.

Man and women discussing on a strategy

If you’re looking to gain a better understanding of why your content marketing isn’t working, then ask yourself a couple of questions:

  1. Are you creating relevant, industry-specific topics?
  2. Are you delivering them through an engaging process (i.e., creating value and usefulness for others)?
  3. Is it time to start revising things?

There are areas where you can improve based on what’s not working. The great thing about content is that it’s easy to tweak.

It doesn’t take much for one more element to tip someone over from interested reader to customer.

But first, make sure you understand why your content marketing isn’t working before turning tail completely or doubling down in vain.

Final Thoughts

Content marketing is about a deliberate, planned approach to content creation and distribution.

You have to put forth an effort to produce compelling, high-quality content that people will enjoy reading and engaging with. When you focus on quality and consistency, you'll see a return on your investment!

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