New Website?

Need a killer website to drive traffic to? We'll design a custom one for you, and develop it all in Webflow.

From a simple landing page to advanced CMS and E-commerce functionalities, bmedia builds you a website worthy of your brand.

Our Process

As highly experienced Social Media experts, the team at Bmedia will carefully craft a strategy for your social platform, execute on it and review and optimize on a regular basis.

We'll sit down and have a talk together about what exactly you are after, and what exactly we can do to meet those expectations.
UX Design & Wireframe
Then we put together the structure of the website. We determine all the content that will go on the website and design the skeleton of the final product.
UI Design & Branding
Once we determine the structure of the website, we design it to look like the final product. We apply the branding, imagery and copywriting to make it a unique product.
We come up with all the ideas for each piece of content we want to make for your account for one month, or a batch of months, and we clear it all with you before we start creating.
We will hand the ownership of the website over to you so you can manage your own publishing and billing without having to go through us. We will also show you how to edit the content on your website.
We Build On Webflow

Why Webflow?

Webflow allows us to swiftly develop one-of-a-kind, responsive websites without the long timeline or high cost of hiring a complete web development team. What would normally take at least 6 months on WordPress and other platforms can now be done in weeks with Webflow.

100% Customised

Nothing is impossible with Webflow. You can have your website look, feel and work in any way you want.

Easy to use

With the editor, you can easily edit images and copy, and add new products and pages with no prior skills

All in one platform

No need for bloated plugins. With Webflows built in features, everything can be managed on one interface.

Speed & Security

Webflows hosting and lean development capabilities allows for enterprise level speed and security

Our Websites

Have a look at some of the work we have done for our clients.

We charge a per-week rate for our web projects

But don’t worry, we give you an estimate of the length of the project before we commence so you can get a good idea of the cost of the website before we start. If you have a hard cap on the budget, we will create the best website for your needs within the timeframe allocated.

Charging per week allows us the flexibility of changing and revising the project as we go so we arrive at a final product you’ll love forever.

Our per-week rate: 1800$ AUD
Simple Website
Perfect if you want just a simple, or an advanced one-pager for your audience to land on, get to know you, and get in touch.
Time estimate: 2-3 Weeks
$3600 - $5400
Regular Website
Perfect if you want a website with simple navigation for your audience to learn more about you, and what you can do for them.
Time estimate: 4-6 Weeks
Advanced Website
If you want the ultimate website without any compromises. Our design and development capabilities are limitless.
Time estimate: 7+ Weeks

Ready for Takeoff?